Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is sexy, private photos of women that celebrate their unique beauty, style, and personality. This particular style of photography makes for a great gift for your boyfriend, fiance, hubby, partner, or just for yourself, but more than that, it is a fantastic confidence boosting experience for you when taking boudoir photos. As a matter of fact, many women get multiple photos sessions taken over their lifetime as a treat to themselves just like it was a day at the spa.

My goal is that you have a fun experience that leaves you feeling sexy and glamourous at the end of the day. It’s definitely a different experience compared to any other day in your life, but you’ll be proud of yourself you did something out of your comfort zone and you feel fantastic afterwards.

When do I book my session?

In most cases, women want to suprise their loved ones with a special gift. So to ensure your gift arrives on time, I recommend booking your session 4 weeks in advance. That way you will get your photographic session in, come back in a week or less to view them, pick out the images you absolutely love and order your products just in time to give your lover a gift they will always love!

What will I expect during my boudoir session?

From the very beginning, you will experience a whirlwind of emotions, mainly nervousness, and, unless you have done it before, you won’t have an idea what you’re doing. Just know that is absolutely ok.

Rest assure, I will provide you with poses that will flatter you body type and I will respectfully guide you through those poses in a comfortable and private environment. You may not love EVERY shot, but my goal is to find a reasonable number of images you will walk away loving. My number one priority is that you are comfortable in your environment and that the session remains at YOUR comfort level. Boudoir does not mean just lingerie shots and I do not photograph full nudity, but it may include you in a pretty dress or robe. Unless you sign a model release, your photos will remain private. Amongst everything, you will have the best time EVER!

What to bring and what to wear?

I highly recommend in doing a little research before your session so you have an idea what kind of ensembles you would like to wear. You will purchase and bring your own outfits as I do not provide those items. The following is welcomed and not limited to:

  • A simple corset
  • Babydoll
  • boy short underwear
  • a killer push-up bra or bras
  • significant other’s favorite shirt
  • robes
  • dresses
  • heels
  • boots
  • stockings
  • garter belts
  • neck ties
  • jewerly
  • hats
  • veils

I always ask that you bring 3-5 outfits at the very least but the more things you bring the merrier. It just gives us something to work with and find outfits that will flatter you the most.

You most likely will be shot in just one outfit but you are welcome up to 3 wardrobe changes otherwise it runs into a longer session.

Hair and Make-up?

Unless you know how to get your hair and make-up looking camera ready, then professional make-up and hair is a must for your boudoir session! I will provide a hair stylist and make-up artist who will work with you.


I will guide you through each pose coaching you through and using poses that will flatter your body type so that you look your absolute best in each image.

Hygiene, skin and tanning?

I expect my clients to come in with clean and dry hair and clean face. You MUST be shaven, bleached, waxed, and/or plucked before make-up goes on and you change into your first outfit. Because of the amount of exposure to your skin, it’s imperative you practice proper hygiene and it will help reduce the editing time while retouching your images.

I ask that you do not fake tan or spray tan as it will generally make you look too orange in some of the lighting and editing process.

Airbrushing and turn around time?

Final images for each session will be retouched and will be provided with light air brushing. I do not do heavy altering by thinning out arms, legs, tummies, or faces. Not only will heavy altering destroy an image but it will extend the editing time significantly. I try to keep my turn around time between 7-10 days, in which, when your boudoir session is over we will book a special time for you to come in and view your images in person. I do ask that you leave your friends and significant others at home as it is the same respect that I ask during your session.


I will not use your images on my website, blog, or places it can be viewed publicly unless you sign a model release.


Your session will be provided with a professional and respectful staff when getting ready and when assisting during the session. Friends are invited.

Digital Copies?

Each image that you choose for your ordered product also comes with a digital copy that includes a shared rights release which allows you to print additional copies at your convenience. However, the Skinny Vegan 8x8 album is the only product that does not include digital copies. To view what products are available and their pricing go here.

Love Notes

"Jesamin did a spectacular job with my boudoir photos. She was professional and polite, but also made me feel at ease as I posed for the photos. I was very pleased with the results. The lighting was perfect, and there was a variety of poses so that I was completely satisfied with the whole experience. I will treasure these photos, and am thankful that I had them done when I did! I think any woman no matter her age, shape or size would benefit from doing a boudoir photography session. It makes you feel beautful in your own skin, and you will not be disappointed in the results!”

~ Miss B. Kentwood, MI

“I had just lost 30 lbs and wanted to do something that was going to make my husband smile for Christmas.  Well... THIS SURE DID IT!  I was nervous to actually "take my clothes off" and take pictures in front of someone, but in all reality she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful.  We experimented with a lot of different poses, some goofy, some sexy, and a few body shots.... but over all - we had a blast!! I had never met Jesamin before, but she made me feel at home as if we were two girlfriends taking silly pictures back in high school.  They all turned out AMAZING and my husband loves them.  He leaves them in his sock drawer so every morning he grabs his socks he sees them. Make sure if you're doing this for a significant other, you take something of theirs (they will appreciate it SO much)!!!  Thanks again Jesamin!  You were great!”

~Miss J. Gaylord, MI

“The experience was above and beyond what I expected. Great people to work with. Pictures turned out beautiful.”

~Miss S. Lowell, MI

"I've always thought only "model like" and totally perfect ladies could/should pose for a boudoir photo shoot....but, I decided....I am who I, I got up the courage and figured, what the heck?....lets give this a try.....and I'm very glad I did... :)I felt so pampered by the wonderful and beautiful hair and make up team of ladies that got me ready. I felt much more relaxed then I thought I would once my shoot began...and I actually had a blast!! The studio is a very interesting place with some awesome areas that provide great variety for your pictures. It's obvious the owner/photographer who shot my pics has much experience with lighting and knowledge of catching you in just the right way to make sure you look your best. Regardless of your age, size or shape...I think every lady who has even contemplated for a minute scheduling a photo shoot should go for it!! You will feel pampered, beautiful and I doubt you will be disappointed. ;)"

~Mrs. K. Middleville, MI

"I had a blast working with Jesamin and creating a gift that my Husband still drools over. Jesamin made me feel at ease while taking wonderful shots. It was a great experience that really boosted my self esteem. Thanks Jesamin!"

~Mrs. K. Grand Rapids, MI

"I don't know if my husband was happier with the album or the fact that his wife is on your website! Thanks so much for the experience and making me feel glamorous! Now if only I could have ladies come over and do my hair and makeup every day. :) That was my favorite part! Thank you again.."

~Miss L. Ada, MI

"First I would like to say thank you for the session and what a professional setting it was. I was nervous before I had met you but at the consultation, you put me at ease and when the photo shoot happened, I was very comfortable and relaxed and I didn’t feel nervous at all. Then our third meeting to review the photo’s was great as well. I just loved all the pictures. Thank you thank you thank you!"

~Mrs. W. Caledonia, MI