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April 13

The winter blues are hopefully behind us with spring here.  That’s right, spring has sprung!  Celebrating the blossoming of Mother Nature’s beauty is all around us.  Why not take a little inspiration from Mother Nature herself and do a little spring rejuvenation to ourselves.   Lets release our skin from underneath those wintering dry dead flakey layers!  Your face is ready to greet the sunshine again after a nice do at home super easy and fun face mask

To pay our greatest tribute to our city, which has been pegged, ‘Beer City USA’, lets take something that is of plenty and use it to make our skin shine.  Yes, you guessed it, the main ingredient in this do it yourself facemask is beer.  It isn’t just for the boys anymore and not just for drinking.  Beer can be used for multiple purposes, but today I am sharing with you how it can make your face glow!

Balancing the Hulk

The hulk or should I say, Bruce Banner walks the fine line of not getting too angry, and I hope you don’t allow your skin too either.  Ideally you want your skin to be happily radiating to keep the anger at bay.  With the ironically named Balancing the Hulk facemask, you too can keep your skin’s moisture balanced, with clear tight pores and filled with antioxidants!  Oh and not to mention, you will look like the Hulk from the green pigment in the spirulina (but only when you have the mask on-it does not dye your skin).

41015 101 //DIY// Facemasks

-1/2 tsp spirulina powder

-1 ripe mashed banana

-splash of fresh lemon juice

Spirulina is great for the whole body (you can ingest it too)- it has more antioxidants than blueberries.  It can help lesson the effects of sun damage, while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

For the mask, mash the banana, add the spirulina, lemon juice and apply to the face.  Keep on for 10-15min.  So simple.  Your skin will thank you!

41015 103 //DIY// Facemasks 41015 104 //DIY// Facemasks 41015 105 //DIY// Facemasks 41015 106 //DIY// Facemasks

This next face mask takes us back a few years to the Aztecs and is known as the “World’s Most Powerful Facial”!  It is simply two ingredients.

Pulsating Puddy

Equal parts:

-100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

-Apple Cider Vinegar41015 107 //DIY// Facemasks

Mix ingredients together in a non-metal bowl to form a smooth paste.  Apply 1/4in to 1/2in to the face.

41015 108 //DIY// Facemasks 41015 109 //DIY// Facemasks

The awesomeness of this facial is that you will feel your face tingle or pulsate as the clay dries.  Leave on the skin anywhere from 10-20min.  Remove with warm water.

**This is one of the more difficult masks I have done to get off.  Just be patient with it.  The clay will come off as it softens back up from the warm water.**

If your face is a little red this is normal from the pulsating invigorating feeling you felt while the mask was working its magic on your face.

41015 102 //DIY// Facemasks

Whether you want to explore the route of the Hulk, feel pulsating sensations and/or get your face ‘drunk’, your face will sure be thankful for the time you took to keep your face bright fresh and shedding away that winter layer!




March 23

I recently shot Miss Tiffany for a gorgeous and edgy Beauty Session.  She wrote this wonderful testimonial that hits the nail on the head as far as what your experience will be like when you come to my studio.  Thank you, Miss Tiffany for your fun spirit and kind words!

“I have dabbled in a couple photo shoots in the past, so I had somewhat of an expectation going into my session with Jesamin of Emery & Co. Photography.  Although, I don’t like to hold expectation too high, because every experience should be different and judged solely on itself- unless it just totally just bombs.  However, any sort of expectation I could have been lingering on to, was completely crushed by Jesamin and her services at Emery & Co. Photography.

They play close attention to the small things.  The small things are what add up to make an experience great.  From the first time I met Jesamin, I immediately noticed, how well she is at engaging with you and being relatable.  She makes sure the outfits you have in mind will look great for the camera, figuring out the style or mood you want to capture, as well as overcoming any hesitations you may have about the process.

A major additional service Emery & Co Photography provides is hair and make-up.  With some photo shoots I have had in the past I felt like they could have been better if I had better make-up.  Lets face it we all just don’t keep make up on hand made especially for use with the camera.  And truthfully I think that is a good thing, we don’t have to walk around constantly thinking we are going to appear on TV or in a photo, ha.  She takes the time to sit down with you, the makeup artist and hair expert to figure out the look you are trying to capture.  If there is ever anything in question while getting glammed up, she is just an arms length away to help out!

Her minimalist approach to props and staging makes you the centerpiece of the photo.  After all, you are the one that needs to shine, not some pretty flowers sprouting behind your head!

Whether you are looking to get a little sexy, a little professional or just having fun, Emery & Co. Photography is a great fit for you.  The process is easy, professional and most importantly fun!  I promise you wont leave disappointed…so what are you waiting for?  Book your session today and experience all the greatness I just shared with you!”

~ Miss Tiffany, Grand Rapids, MI


12615TL 100 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 101 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 103 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 104 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 105 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 106 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 107 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

Grand Rapids Beauty Photography

12615TL 102 //BEAUTY// MISS T.

12615TL 108 //BEAUTY// MISS T.


December 28

This woman right here is the one of the strongest people I know and this is for her.  I love you, Mitzie!!

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 107 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 116 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 117 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 119 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 121 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 125 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714GrandRapidsBeauty 128 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714Grandrapidsbeauty 131 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714Grandrapidsbeauty 138 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714Grandrapidsbeauty 185 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

51714Grandrapidsbeauty 206 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

September 14

Hair Stylist – Jen Zokoe

MUA – Sarah Vanderjagt

1414 101 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414 102 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 107 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 112 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 114 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 117 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 120 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber


April 01

Remember Part I of Miss A’s session? Back in January, I posted this awesomeness!!  I had the privilege and honor to have Miss Amy, from Flirt Fitness, a Pole Fitness Studio in Grand Rapids, be my video model.  Which also entailed that I photograph her as well because I want you all to know what kind of experience it is to have when you’re being photographed in my studio whether you choose to have a boudoir session or a beauty session.  It’s important for me that all my women that grace my studio have fun, feel glamorous, and look sexy.  And it was also my honor to have Aaron, Shelby, and Liam, from Style & Motion, to shoot our video.  It was truly was a dream team come true.

I just wanted to share my outtakes from the video shoot!!  You can find Part I here.

Thank you, again to:

Hairstylist:  Jennifer Grace

MUA:  Allison Bower

Model: Amy Oostveen

Video: Style & Motion

112513 102 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 178 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 174 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 173 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 172 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 171 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 163 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 159 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 157 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II 112513 152 //BEAUTY//  Miss A.  Part II

March 29

Miss E. mixed up her session with one part Boudoir and one part Beauty.  What’s the difference?  Throw that gorgeous cocktail dress on, add a sparkly necklace, and show me that beautiful smile!  There is nothing better than feeling Glamorous!  Check out Miss E.’s Boudoir session HERE.



11113 101 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 131 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 130 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 129 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 127 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 126 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II 11113 125 //BEAUTY// Miss E. Part II

February 10


I’m looking for 2 groups of female models:

-Moms with daughters who are 10 years old or older.
-Sisters who are 18 years old and older.
-No modeling experience needed!!!
-Must be willing to sign a Model Release.
-Selected participants will receive a complimentary photo shoot with professionally styled hair and make up and feel like a model for a day.
-Your shoot would take place at my studio beginning February 21st until March 28th.

If you’re interested please LIKE or comment on this post AND then email me, Jesamin, stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to:

I will be accepting applications until February 13th.


Model Call groups 2014 e1392072872944 :::: MODEL CALL ::::  Grand Rapids Beauty Photography

December 27

121513 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 103 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 104 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 105 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 106 //BEAUTY// Miss M.81913 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 103 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 104 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 105 //BEAUTY// Miss M.


Make up by Allison Bower

Hair by Jennifer Grace

December 13

I absolutely love the her transformation and I love her heart!! Love you Miss M.!!

Makeup by Allison Bower

81213 111 //BEAUTY// Miss M.


81213 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81213 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81213 103 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81213 105 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81213 107 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81213 109 //BEAUTY// Miss M.

May 10

Often as a photographer, it’s easy to forget to shoot for yourself or make little projects for yourself that reignite the heart, but it’s so important.  As a matter of fact, it’s vital in order to continue as an artist to find ways to be inspired.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked so openly about my ideas and never followed through.  Then those ideas sit in a catalog in the back of my brain categorized as Maybe, Someday, and Scratch.  Well this time, I finally got of my lazy butt and went for it.  And I have to say, I couldn’t feel more satisfied with myself.

Remember the fictional character, Ophelia, from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet?  I’ve always been inspired by paintings, drawings, and other photographs that were inspired by the same character.  The image is generally serene, feminine, and ethereal sometimes dark, even.  I wanted to have a small group of work that resembled that kind of beauty and emotion.  Well, I shamelessly and proudly used my niece for such occasion.  It sort of came to me on a whim. Since she was already in town for a few days, we whipped up the set the night before she had to head back to school.

I have to say, when I look back at these impromptu images, I proudly punch my fist in the air for following through with one of my silly ideas and I want to kiss my niece’s facefor being such a beautiful and delightful spirit.  Thank you Miss A. for being my muse!  I love you!!

22013 103 //Little Muse// 22013 104 //Little Muse// 22013 105 //Little Muse//22013 101 //Little Muse// 22013 102 //Little Muse// 22013 106 //Little Muse// 22013 107 //Little Muse//22013 110 //Little Muse// 22013 109 //Little Muse// 22013 108 //Little Muse//