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August 06

We all know Victoria Secret is the queen bee when it comes to lingerie.  They definitely do things right!  However, their bridal collection isn’t very extensive, which leaves a lot of possible repeat gifts for that bride to be in your life.  It is fun to receive lingerie as a bridal gift and it is fun to give lingerie.  Some of us may feel intimidated trying to find lingerie stores with the fear of some of them being more geared towards a lady making money off of wearing lingerie.  Fear no more, this is a go to guide in finding lingerie – both locally and on the inter web!

For the Local Lady:

-Meme’s Foundation:

Deb has made Meme’s a truly special place to find the right undergarment for all different occasions.  You don’t feel lost in overflowing drawers filled with lace, silk and attachments, but instead get a personal customized experience when you walk in the door.  When shopping for your bride to be you may be surprised to find something for yourself as well.  Bras found at Meme’s are unlike any other.  You will find the perfect fit for you and the bride.  Whether you want to show off your wild side or sweet side Meme’s is sure to have just what you are seeking.  Feel free to take a sneak peek at their bridal collection on their website.  There is a separate section dedicated just for the lady in white!

12414GrandRapidsBoudoir 117 Top 5 Bridal Lingerie Shops (and Victoria Secret isn’t one of them).

For the Hosting Lady:

-Scotta Intimates:

This is your go to lingerie stop if you would like to host a lingerie party for any occasion (like a bachelorette party I mentioned in my precious article). Like other parties it is a great way to see the products in person, learn from an expert and some great perks!  The best news is that they have a great collection of bridal lingerie as well!

For the Lacy Racy Lady:


Lacy, lacy, lacy and racy.  Thinking you or the bride in your life may need a little help to step out of the comfort zone?  Then yandy is your place to get some ideas.  The little numbers on their site are sure to make someone feel special.  A little peek-a-boo here and there may be the best thing that ever happened in your life or at least during someone’s wedding night!

5613 113 Top 5 Bridal Lingerie Shops (and Victoria Secret isn’t one of them).


For the Lady with $$$ Taste:


Definitely the place to find lingerie at a higher price, they have the concept of wearing something nice every day.  This is the idea to make woman feel lovely inside and out, even if the outside world cannot see it, the woman can feel it!  At their website you can find a great collection of lingerie specifically for the bride as well!  If she has expensive taste and you can afford to spend a lot of money, then this is your place to shop!

Lingerie is a great way to feel sexy and confident.  It can also be a great way to push the boundaries and go beyond your comfort zone.  With this new lingerie you may be acquiring or giving, there are other great uses for it too!  Beauty sessions are a great way to push some boundaries and really give praise to yourself.  It is important, as woman, to care for ourselves and treat ourselves.  Beauty sessions are a great way to do this, but not just for you, the end result can be a great wedding gift for your partner to be by showing off your assets in some lingerie!


“Oh yes, it’s ladies night and the feelings right. Oh yes it’s ladies night…Oh what a night.” That’s right ladies – tonight is your night. It is your night to celebrate the bride and all of her closest lady friends! Although I probably cannot say there will be an appearance by Kool and the Gang to get the party started. (It is probably for the best anyway – ha). However there are many options to jump-start your wedding adventures! Typing in ‘Bachelorette Parties in Grand Rapids’, definitely isn’t helpful at all. That is why I did some digging and came up with a list that I think everyone can like something from!

1. ‘Vegas’ Style

-Casinos are in close enough proximity that you could make a night out of it, or even stay at one for the weekend. Gambling, entertainment and food a plenty can be found at Michigan casinos. This can be a great way to keep everyone in one place to party until the wee hours of the morning!

2. The Sophisticated Lady

-Michigan is full of wineries, almost too many to choose from. Wherever you live, there is most likely a winery within a short drive if you want to check one out for the day. Or there are many options to take a weekend getaway and visit many wineries within close proximity to one another. To really let loose, check out a car service or tour bus to do the driving for your group!

-The same can be said for visiting breweries, if you like a little more hops in your drink than grapes. Breweries are popping up everywhere with websites dedicated to help you figure out some great beer paths to follow as well as designated drivers too!

47 6 Ideas For Your Next Bachelorette Party

Copyright of Emery & Company Photography

3. The Artsy Fartsy

-Group painting classes are becoming more and more popular. They are a great way to do something together with your friends, as well as bring home a memory from the event. Take it up a notch and see if you can BYOB. Some of the events even have their own wine to share with the participants.

7 6 Ideas For Your Next Bachelorette Party

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4. Spicing It Up!

-Grab your girls and head over to Flirt Fitness. They offer private parties that can come with pole dancing lessons, lap dances, strip teases or a combination of all.

-A great way to finish a pole dancing party is to host a party with all the great outfits to wear with your news moves you just learned. Scotta Intimates is a lingerie brand that allows you to host a party (more details to come next month). Take it a step further and add some Pure Romance toys into the mix to really take care of all assets of the wedding night!

5. The Lavender Nose

-Every woman, whether she has had one or not, loves a massage, a facial, a sugar scrub, and relaxation. A great way to celebrate the bride and her best ladies is a trip the spa. This can also be a great way for the bride, her maid or honor, her mother and mother to be, as an extra special thank you with memories or just being together and enjoying one another.41015 102 6 Ideas For Your Next Bachelorette Party

6. The Laid Back Lady

-Grab your girls and have a night in with movies, games, drinks and food.

-Get dropped off in an area where there are many different bars to choose from that you can hop around to (Downtown, East town, Westside, etc)

-A picnic in the park.

-And any other ideas the bride or the bridal party may have. Just remember the day is about celebration and enjoying your best gals!

00 31 6 Ideas For Your Next Bachelorette Party

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March 08

Long distance relationships are difficult especially when a loved one is on deployment, away from their wife and kids.  That’s why Miss K. came into the Boudoir Factory and got some shots to let her husband know she’s thinking of him and she loves him!!

You’re Sexy, Girl!!

22013 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 106 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.22013 110 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 111 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 115 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 117 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 118 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 120 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.


Make-up Artist – Allison Bower

Hair Stylist – Christina Postelwait


They’re heeeerrreeeee!  I have new album samples for viewing for your pre-consultation.  Albums make such a great gift for your loved ones if they want to keep secret pictures of you at their work desk, or they also make a perfect gift for the soldier in your life who’s away on duty.  I offer 3 album sizes: 5×5, 8×8, and 10×4, which all three come in your choice of Vegan and Leather covers.  You can pick out your favorite 20 images you want, and I place the order that day.  Albums arrive approximately between 2-3 weeks.  So, be sure to book your session so that there is plenty of time to order your album.

My current display is my 8×8 and 5×5 Vegan albums.

3113 101 //Album Samples// 3113 102 //Album Samples// 3113 103 //Album Samples// 3113 104 //Album Samples// 3113 106 //Album Samples//

December 20

12812 1 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 2 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 3 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 4 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 5 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 6 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.


12812 7 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 8 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 9 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 10 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 11 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 12 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 13 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 14 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.

12812 15 Class of 2013:  Shaun P.



December 05

92312 4 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 6 679x1024 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 8 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 14 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 7 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 16 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 13 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 3 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 1 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 4 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 2 679x1024 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 15 679x1024 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 12 679x1024 Kids:  Owen and Liam

92312 10 679x1024 Kids:  Owen and Liam92312 9 Kids:  Owen and Liam





November 09

This beautiful fall wedding takes place at Tamaron Country Club in Toledo, OH.  I have to say Andrea is one of the most organized brides I have ever met.  When I met with Andrea and Ron over a year and a half ago, she had pretty much had every thing set, venue, cake, gown, and all she needed to do was find her bridesmaids dresses.  Really, I was super impressed on how ahead of schedule she was with her wedding planning, if only I possessed such great talents.

The ceremony took place inside the country club and was shortly followed with the reception inside as well.  The weather had been was absolutely ideal for some outdoor photos, where Califf was able to snatch up some golf carts and we could go to another location on the golf course.  I very dangerously sat on the bridesmaid’s lap as we cruised off into more of the golf course.  What can I say…I’m a rebel.  Actually, not so much.  I was scared for my life as I thought that there was no doubt that I was going to fall out of the golf cart, head first with two cameras strapped around my neck.  What was I thinking?!  It really just makes for a good story and the bridal party  in tag kept things entertaining.

What I love about this party is that everyone works at the veterinary office where I take all three of my boys (2 dogs and cat) to.  So it was great to see so many familiar faces at Ron and Andrea’s party.

Andrea and Ron it was a pleasure to be a part of your very special day.  You guys are so sweet and I wish the best for the both of you!!  Congratulations! xoxo

November 14

Could these two girls be any cuter?!  I met Sienna and Ava at Grotto Park for some fall fun and they are way too cute for their own good.

When I shoot young toddlers and infants, I generally get this look from the child that pretty much tells me “What’s in your hand?  And why is it pointing at me?”  Then, there is something much more amusing laying on the ground, such as a leaf or ball or rock and suddenly the curiosity strikes and ….Oh!!  It’s in their mouth.  However this time it went a little like that except for the all the curiosity.  As a matter of fact, we were wondering where the curiosity went, which left me and Mom confused.  Turns out little Ava, the youngest of the two, ended up with an ear infection.  There just was no leaving her because she was trying to tell mom she wasn’t feeling good.  Instead, we thought a handful of animal crackers would help this very upset little girl to smile.

Luckily, by the look of the images you would never have guessed little Ava wasn’t feeling too well.  Big sister, Sienna, didn’t mind lookin’ all cute and silly for the camera.  I’m just glad that baby Ava is feeling better and aside from, what seemed like, her fussiness she still was able to pull through on some super adorableness.


Jessica and Jeff’s wedding began at the Kent Theatre in Cedar Springs.  The Kent Theatre is a historical building built-in the late 1800’s originally as an opera house but today serves as a small town movie theatre in downtown Cedar Springs, and apparently a location to hold a ceremony as well as a number of events.  Popcorn was prepared for guests as they arrived as well as other fixings to see a show such as pop and cotton candy.  The ceremony was short, sweet and to the point.  My favorite was the colors of the bridal party.  It almost reminded me of my own wedding with brightly colored gowns of sky blue and the Maid of Honor and Best Man dressed in bright pink.

“Jeffica” are such a fun loving couple which made this wedding such a joy to shoot because I personally feel it’s so important for couples to enjoy the celebration of their wedding day and just to let loose and have a great time.  That they did.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone, myself included, is so happy to have Jeff safely back home from the military so he can start his life with his new bride.  They were full of laughter that day and it brings so much joy to my heart to have couples like Jeff and Jessica to really enjoy each other’s presence.  Their bridal party was no exception in that everyone had a sense of humor and really saw Jeff and Jessica’s wedding day as a really great celebration, which brings me to the irony of their day.

Their reception was held at Christ the King Church in Howard City, MI, where party continued into the night.  From the first speeches to the groom retrieving the bride’s garter, Jeff, Jessica and the rest of their friends and family had such a great sense of humor and me and Chris laughing all night.

It was such pleasure to photograph your wedding, Jessica and Jeff.  Chris and I had such a fun time.  We wish you both such a long and wonderful marriage!!  Congrats!!