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April 27

Mothers have a magical touch.  Nothing is more powerful, healing or calming than the unconditional love that comes from our mothers.  Whether you know everything about your mother or not, there are sacrifices you aren’t aware of that your mother has done for you to have a better life – and she isn’t willing to stop anytime soon.  Your mother is special to you.  No one else will understand the exact importance your mother is to you but hopefully share the same feelings towards their own mother.  This Mother’s Day give your mother a gift that is truly timeless…a captured moment of her beauty.  4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 106 This Is For Our Moms 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 101 This Is For Our Moms

Our mother’s beauty radiates from the inner depth of her heart and soul.  Her beauty should not just be shown through her love for her family but also for herself.  This mother’s day treat your mother to a beauty session.  1414Brown 107 This Is For Our Moms1414Brown 120 This Is For Our Moms

She deserves to be pampered by having her hair and make up professionally done to shine for the camera.  It is a wonderful sentiment to feel extra special for a day, while capturing those moments on camera that allow the day to last forever.  The added bonus is that the beauty your mother felt that day will be because of you – something she will never forget.

12515JJS 102 This Is For Our Moms 12515JJS 108 This Is For Our Moms

There is also the option of doing a session together – a mother-daughter duo – can expand the experience to greater heights.  Just the gesture alone to your mother will mean more to her than you can image.  Her happiness alone will make your heart feel her magic.  True happiness is seeing our mothers smile.  4415AKDT 101 This Is For Our Moms 4415AKDT 121 This Is For Our Moms

We are our parents’ greatest gifts in their lives.  They are beyond deserving of the world, so show your mother how they mean the world to you by gifting them something that will show the world the best version of themselves – a beautiful picture, of a beautiful woman, to shine to the end of time.

Remember your mothers on May 10th!  Show her how much you care!  Book her appointment today.

October 03

When mom, Kate, and daughter, Tori, come to Grand Rapids beauty photography studio for a makeover for a super sweet photo session.  Beauty sessions are great for young women like Tori and perfect to share with moms like Kate.  It makes for a great bonding experience between mom and daughter because they both get pampered together and see the transformations take place.  I am honored and happy these two beauties could be here and in front of my camera.



4814Graves before 101 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814Graves before 102 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori

4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 101 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 102 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 103 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 104 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 105 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 106 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori 4814 Grand Rapids Beauty Photography 107 //MOMMY & ME// Kate and Tori

September 14

Hair Stylist – Jen Zokoe

MUA – Sarah Vanderjagt

1414 101 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414 102 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 107 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 112 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 114 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 117 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber 1414Brown 120 //BEAUTY//  Lani and Amber


February 10


I’m looking for 2 groups of female models:

-Moms with daughters who are 10 years old or older.
-Sisters who are 18 years old and older.
-No modeling experience needed!!!
-Must be willing to sign a Model Release.
-Selected participants will receive a complimentary photo shoot with professionally styled hair and make up and feel like a model for a day.
-Your shoot would take place at my studio beginning February 21st until March 28th.

If you’re interested please LIKE or comment on this post AND then email me, Jesamin, stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to:

I will be accepting applications until February 13th.


Model Call groups 2014 e1392072872944 :::: MODEL CALL ::::  Grand Rapids Beauty Photography

December 13

111812 14 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 1 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 2 Kids: Brynn B.


111812 3 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 4 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 5 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 6 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 7 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 8 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 9 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 10 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 11 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 12 Kids: Brynn B.

111812 15 Kids: Brynn B.

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December 01
September 03

Miss Harper Grace Marckini!!!

This sweet little darlin’ was born August 1, 2010 at 7:14 am, weighing in 7 lbs and 3 oz and 19 in long.   She did so well for her first photo session, and she even managed to rock a few accessories.  Harper is just such a wonderful bundle of goodness and sweetness that even her little cries had me cooing and awing.

Congratulations, Courtney and Scott on your little girl!!  I’m sure she brings plenty of joy to both of your lives.

013 Welcome to the World...

August 21

Some of my two favorite people in the world with one you may already recognize, Alexis, my niece, and Deeka, my sister-in-law, are a short and simple post of a quick little family session shortly after Alexis’ senior session.  I am just marveled at how beautiful these two women are and how much I adore them.

Love you ladies!!