What is Boudoir Photography?


Boudoir Photography is sexy, private photos of women that celebrate their unique beauty, style, and personality.  This particular style of photography makes for a great gift for your boyfriend, fiance, hubby, partner, or just for yourself, but more than that, it is a fantastic confidence boosting experience for you when taking boudoir photos.  As a matter of fact, many women get multiple photos sessions taken over their lifetime as a treat to themselves just like it was a day at the spa.

My goal is that you have a fun experience that leaves you feeling sexy and glamourous at the end of the day. It’s definitely a different experience compared to any other day in your life, but you’ll be proud of yourself you did something out of your comfort zone and you feel fantastic afterwards.

What will I expect from my boudoir session?


From the very beginning, you will experience a whirlwind of emotions, mainly nervousness, and, unless you have done it before, you won’t have an idea what you’re doing.  Just know that is absolutely ok.

Rest assure, I will provide you with poses that will flatter you body type and I will respectfully guide you through those poses in a comfortable and private environment.  You may not love EVERY shot, but my goal is to find a reasonable number of images you will walk away loving.  My number one priority is that you are comfortable in your environment and that the session remains at YOUR comfort level.  Boudoir does not mean just lingerie shots and I do not photograph full nudity, but it may include you in a pretty dress or robe.  Unless you sign a model release, your photos will remain private.  Amongst everything, you will have the best time EVER!




What to bring and what to wear?

I highly recommend in doing a little research before your session so you have an idea what kind of ensembles you would like to wear.  You will purchase and bring your own outfits as I do not provide those items.  The following is welcomed and not limited to:

A simple corset
boy short underwear
a killer push-up bra or bras
significant other’s favorite shirt
garter belts
neck ties


Hair and Makeup?


Unless you know how to get your hair and make-up looking camera ready, then professional make-up and hair is a must for your boudoir session!  I will provide a hair stylist and make-up artist who will work with you.



I will guide you through each pose coaching you through and using poses that will flatter your body type so that you look your absolute best in each image.


Hygiene, skin, and tanning?

I expect my clients to come in with clean and dry hair and clean face.  You MUST be shaven, bleached, waxed, and/or plucked before make-up goes on and you change into your first outfit.  Because of the amount of exposure to your skin, it’s imperative you practice proper hygiene and it will help reduce the editing time while retouching your images.

I ask that you do not fake tan or spray tan as it will generally make you look too orange in some of the lighting and editing process.



My studio is located at 445 Century Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI  49503.  It’s located in an old warehouse building with many Antique stores on it’s first floor.  The store owners have rights to the parking lot directly outside, but you are welcome to park on the street which is not far from the building.  I suggest to park nearest to the yellow door.  I will meet you at that door and lead you upstairs to my studio.


Airbrushing and turn around time?


Final images for each session will be retouched and will be provided with light air brushing.  I do not do heavy altering by thinning out arms, legs, tummies, or faces.  Not only will heavy altering destroy an image but it will extend the editing time significantly.  I try to keep my turn around time between 7-10 days, in which, when your boudoir session is over we will book a special time for you to come in and view your images in person.  I do ask that you leave your friends and significant others at home as it is the same respect that I ask during your session.



I will not use your images on my website, blog, or places it can be viewed publicly unless you sign a model release.




Your session will be provided with an all female staff when getting ready and I do ask to leave your friends and significant others at home.