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February 14

Whether you are someone that cares a lot about your significant other planning out a special Valentine’s Day, or someone that is at the complete opposite side of the spectrum or someone that is, well, just single…there is still some importance to be celebrated during this day.22013 103 Happy Valentines Day!


It is one day out of the year that love is thrown into your face all around you, where it takes much more negative energy to boycott it than accept it.  You deserve to acknowledge the love in the air and selfishly soak it all up, at the very least, for yourself!  So whether you are with someone or not or just flat out don’t care…I challenge you to acknowledge the love you have for yourself that day.


Here are some ways to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day!


-Treat yourself to a bubble bath.  Taking the time out of your day to do something for yourself as well as decompressing gives you the energy to love the rest of the day.

-Cook yourself or someone you love dinner or dessert.  They say when you cook with love your food tastes better!

-Fill your day with guilty pleasures.  No need to hide them today, do or experience as many of your guilty pleasures as possible.  Free yourself and fall in love with them again.

-Make your own lotion or oil to massage in your body or someone else’s

-Take some extra time to do something for yourself that makes you feel beautiful, just remember you are doing it for yourself.  If you do it for yourself then it is that much more important to where others around you will notice as well!

-Make home made cards or a small gift for those you love in your life

-Light some candles around the house and read a romantic novel

2113 123 Happy Valentines Day!

Whatever it may be…just take the time and do something to show your love.  Taking time out of your days that you may otherwise say you don’t have time to do things, goes a long way.  It shows that you are important to yourself and others are important to you!



Specific Grand Rapids Activities:

Before the Actual day-

-Schedule a beauty session or gift one to someone else!  You don’t need to have someone special to give the photos too necessarily…you can also do it for self.  Giving yourself a day of pampering and freeing yourself in front of a camera, can be very liberating and a growing, loving experience!

-Get ready for the big night with some friends by testing and learning some new moves through activities like Flirt Fitness

On the Actual Day

-Ice Skating at Rosa Park Circle

-Walk around downtown discovering the ice sculptures set up around town

-Grab everything from dinner to dessert to wine and cheese from different businesses within the downtown market

-Love, Wine and Chocolate Day event at Robinettes

-Dinner and a Movie



I am looking for one a photographer who is in need of shooting space and/or meeting space for clients. I have a studio space just over 1000 sqft. There is shooting space, a consultation area and dressing room. Heat and electricity are included. Rent is $185/mo.  I am located in Grand Rapids and down the street from Founders Brewing Co. Please contact me at to inquire.

93014 101 //STUDIO// Space Available

93014 107 //STUDIO// Space Available

93014 106 //STUDIO// Space Available

93014 104 //STUDIO// Space Available

93014 103 //STUDIO// Space Available

93014 102 //STUDIO// Space Available

September 14

A fun, sexy shoot for someone special, Grand Rapids’ Premier Boudoir Photography.


1714JN 127 //BOUDOIR//  MRS. N. 1714JN 170 //BOUDOIR//  MRS. N.

March 29

There are two parts to Miss Sweet and Sassy.  She kept it simple this session by bringing in her honey’s shirt and tie.  I love it when my ladies bring something in that is sentimental special to them.  Cause, deep down we’re doing this for the name of Love, right?  So when you’re thinking about your Boudoir Session, bring in something in of his.  I promise he won’t look at his shirt and tie the same.  icon wink //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

You can view Miss E.’s Beauty Session HERE.




11113 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 103 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

11113 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

January 10

81613 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 102 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 103 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 113 //BOUDOIR// Miss M.


Make up by Allison Bower

Hair by Jennifer Grace


December 27

121513 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 103 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 104 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 105 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 121513 106 //BEAUTY// Miss M.81913 101 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 102 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 103 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 104 //BEAUTY// Miss M. 81913 105 //BEAUTY// Miss M.


Make up by Allison Bower

Hair by Jennifer Grace

June 17



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February 13

Miss Aubrey just turned 2 years old and she’s showing everyone how big she is!!  Happy Birthday Little Lady!!!


November 23

This may very well be the closest thing I will ever shoot for a GAP ad.  Isn’t this family cute?!  I honestly can’t get over it.  For it being such a chilly day, the McArthur family was so great handling the cold weather.  Even Brynn and Bode bared with it and made the best of a cool November afternoon.  Brynn is such a great sister to Bode making sure he was smiling and snuggling with him for good pictures.  What was more sweet was when I asked Brynn or Mom to move their hair away from their face, Bode would touch his head assuming I meant for him to fix his hair.  Really this family was so easy going and entertaining along the way.