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April 01

Back in January, I posted this awesomeness!!  I had the privilege and honor to have Miss Amy, from Flirt Fitness, a Pole Fitness Studio in Grand Rapids, be my video model.  Which also entailed that I photograph her as well because I want you all to know what kind of experience it is to have when you’re being photographed in my studio whether you choose to have a boudoir session or a beauty session.  It’s important for me that all my women that grace my studio have fun, feel glamorous, and look sexy.  And it was also my honor to have Aaron, Shelby, and Liam, from Style & Motion, to shoot our video.  It was truly was a dream team come true.

I just wanted to share my outtakes from the video shoot!!  Don’t forget to check out Part II

Thank you, again to:

Hairstylist:  Jennifer Grace

MUA:  Allison Bower

Model: Amy Oostveen

Video: Style & Motion

112513 102 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 104 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 106 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 110 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I
112513 118 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 125 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 131 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 136 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I 112513 141 //BOURDOIR// Miss A. Part I



March 29

There are two parts to Miss Sweet and Sassy.  She kept it simple this session by bringing in her honey’s shirt and tie.  I love it when my ladies bring something in that is sentimental special to them.  Cause, deep down we’re doing this for the name of Love, right?  So when you’re thinking about your Boudoir Session, bring in something in of his.  I promise he won’t look at his shirt and tie the same.  icon wink //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

You can view Miss E.’s Beauty Session HERE.




11113 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I 11113 103 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

11113 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

March 21

As Grand Rapids Premier Boudoir Photographer, there is a reason why I ask all my clients to bring their own wardrobes and outfits, mainly because I don’t know what fits you and what you are going to be comfortable in, and I’m all about making sure you’re comfortable so that you can have the best experience possible.  Not only do I want you to be comfortable but also look flattering during your session.  That’s why bringing your own accessories are important too.  Sure it’s not the most important thing to have and it’s not going to ruin your session if you don’t, however, having accessories will definitely add that extra oomph to your session and it makes it more fun because your session is being styled and tailored to your sexy and glamorous side.

Let’s consider these examples.



High heels and boots are super sexy and make the legs look long and lean.  Bring your favorite pair or 2 or 3 or 5.

Shoes 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Now pearl necklaces are the most popular  to bring but you’re welcome to bring something that is more sentimental.  Maybe you Honey got you something for that special anniversary and you want to show it off.  Or the ladies who have a hunky soldier in their life, show your support and bring in those dog tags!

Necklaces 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Stockings are my personal favorite accessory to bring in during a session.  There are so many kinds of stockings out there and they are so fun.  They come in an array of colors and skin tight details.  I love them!  Buy a new fun pair and try them out.Stockings 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Garters, just like stockings, come in so many varieties and they are a fun detail to photograph.  I love details of fingers intertwined with garter straps.  It makes you ask, “Is she putting them on or taking them off?”  Let the imagination run wild.

81613 110 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!12312 16 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Gloves are a rare accessory, but it can definitely change the look of your session.  Sort of old, Hollywood glamour meets the bedroom.

12113 11 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Bring in your Sweetie’s favorite neck tie.  He won’t look at that tie the same again…I promise!

12312 6 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!51613rr 104 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!! 11113 119 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!

March 13

January 10

81613 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 102 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 103 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss M. 81613 113 //BOUDOIR// Miss M.


Make up by Allison Bower

Hair by Jennifer Grace


September 13

5613 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss A.

A little Bridal Boudoir session graces the blog today.  I love it when a girl wants to do something special for her man for their big day and Miss A. does just that.  In light of this session.  I will be at the Bridal Show this weekend Sept 20-21 at the Devos Place.  Since I no longer photograph weddings, I will be showcasing my boudoir work at booth #440.  Come and see me.  If you know of anyone who is getting married or you, yourself are,  let me know if you’re interested in coming to the show.  I have $1 off coupons to hand out and would love to send them your way.  Please, email me at



5613 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss A. 5613 106 //BOUDOIR// Miss A. 5613 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss A. 5613 111 //BOUDOIR// Miss A. 5613 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss A. 5613 113 //BOUDOIR// Miss A.


Make up by Allison Bower

Hair by Jennifer Grace

August 23

Saucing up the blog this month with some pretty faces!!

51613rr 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss R.

5613rr 102 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 51613rr 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 51613rr 115 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 51613rr 120 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 51613rr 126 //BOUDOIR// Miss R.

Make-up:  Allison Bower

Hair:  Jennifer Unger

April 29

Miss R.’s presence is dazzling the studio and the blog. Xo

3913 100 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 101 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 102 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 103 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 106 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 110 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 111 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 113 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 115 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 117 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 118 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss R. 3913 120 //BOUDOIR// Miss R.


Make-up Artist:  Allison Bower

Hair Stylist: Jennifer Grace

March 08

Long distance relationships are difficult especially when a loved one is on deployment, away from their wife and kids.  That’s why Miss K. came into the Boudoir Factory and got some shots to let her husband know she’s thinking of him and she loves him!!

You’re Sexy, Girl!!

22013 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 106 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.22013 110 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 111 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 115 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 117 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 118 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 120 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.


Make-up Artist – Allison Bower

Hair Stylist – Christina Postelwait


They’re heeeerrreeeee!  I have new album samples for viewing for your pre-consultation.  Albums make such a great gift for your loved ones if they want to keep secret pictures of you at their work desk, or they also make a perfect gift for the soldier in your life who’s away on duty.  I offer 3 album sizes: 5×5, 8×8, and 10×4, which all three come in your choice of Vegan and Leather covers.  You can pick out your favorite 20 images you want, and I place the order that day.  Albums arrive approximately between 2-3 weeks.  So, be sure to book your session so that there is plenty of time to order your album.

My current display is my 8×8 and 5×5 Vegan albums.

3113 101 //Album Samples// 3113 102 //Album Samples// 3113 103 //Album Samples// 3113 104 //Album Samples// 3113 106 //Album Samples//