March 06

So it’s 8 degrees outside today.  The sun is out but it’s cold as hell outside.  I’m laying here in bed with an old, affectionately needy cat and a sinus infection writing this.  It’s now been a few weeks as a full time photographer and I have so many mixed emotions  about living the dream and reality of working from home becoming Grand Rapids Premier Boudoir and Beauty Photographer.  It’s a dream come true because  up into this point  it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and the universe, in it’s mysterious and comical way, gave it to me.  I have no regrets about my decision and journey to get to this new and exciting position.  I teeter-totter from being overly anxious and overly excited and each day  I serve myself a cocktail of these high end emotions.  However, at the end of the day, I am  grateful and blessed that my husband believes in me and supports my decision even though, I maybe serving him the same cocktail, and that crazy mess is served shaken.  But I am also grateful that I finally have a this opportunity to really live my dream as I know deep in my soul that I have intended to.

My wish and ask is that the universe doesn’t beat me and my husband too badly while going to the next chapter.  I understand life happens but please, please, please don’t let life act like a crazy bitch and key up my vehicles or leave me battered and broken….well at least not yet.  I need more endurance to handle that kind of beating.

But to be more simple I am grateful and I am happy.


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