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March 29

Miss E. mixed up her session with one part Boudoir and one part Beauty.  What’s the difference?  Throw that gorgeous cocktail dress on, add a sparkly necklace, and show me that beautiful smile!  There is nothing better than feeling Glamorous!  Check out Miss E.’s Boudoir session HERE.



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March 29

There are two parts to Miss Sweet and Sassy.  She kept it simple this session by bringing in her honey’s shirt and tie.  I love it when my ladies bring something in that is sentimental special to them.  Cause, deep down we’re doing this for the name of Love, right?  So when you’re thinking about your Boudoir Session, bring in something in of his.  I promise he won’t look at his shirt and tie the same.  icon wink //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

You can view Miss E.’s Beauty Session HERE.




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11113 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss E. Part I

March 21

As Grand Rapids Premier Boudoir Photographer, there is a reason why I ask all my clients to bring their own wardrobes and outfits, mainly because I don’t know what fits you and what you are going to be comfortable in, and I’m all about making sure you’re comfortable so that you can have the best experience possible.  Not only do I want you to be comfortable but also look flattering during your session.  That’s why bringing your own accessories are important too.  Sure it’s not the most important thing to have and it’s not going to ruin your session if you don’t, however, having accessories will definitely add that extra oomph to your session and it makes it more fun because your session is being styled and tailored to your sexy and glamorous side.

Let’s consider these examples.



High heels and boots are super sexy and make the legs look long and lean.  Bring your favorite pair or 2 or 3 or 5.

Shoes 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Now pearl necklaces are the most popular  to bring but you’re welcome to bring something that is more sentimental.  Maybe you Honey got you something for that special anniversary and you want to show it off.  Or the ladies who have a hunky soldier in their life, show your support and bring in those dog tags!

Necklaces 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Stockings are my personal favorite accessory to bring in during a session.  There are so many kinds of stockings out there and they are so fun.  They come in an array of colors and skin tight details.  I love them!  Buy a new fun pair and try them out.Stockings 2014 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Garters, just like stockings, come in so many varieties and they are a fun detail to photograph.  I love details of fingers intertwined with garter straps.  It makes you ask, “Is she putting them on or taking them off?”  Let the imagination run wild.

81613 110 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!12312 16 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Gloves are a rare accessory, but it can definitely change the look of your session.  Sort of old, Hollywood glamour meets the bedroom.

12113 11 BYO...A   Bring Your Own Accessories!!



Bring in your Sweetie’s favorite neck tie.  He won’t look at that tie the same again…I promise!

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March 13

March 06

So it’s 8 degrees outside today.  The sun is out but it’s cold as hell outside.  I’m laying here in bed with an old, affectionately needy cat and a sinus infection writing this.  It’s now been a few weeks as a full time photographer and I have so many mixed emotions  about living the dream and reality of working from home becoming Grand Rapids Premier Boudoir and Beauty Photographer.  It’s a dream come true because  up into this point  it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and the universe, in it’s mysterious and comical way, gave it to me.  I have no regrets about my decision and journey to get to this new and exciting position.  I teeter-totter from being overly anxious and overly excited and each day  I serve myself a cocktail of these high end emotions.  However, at the end of the day, I am  grateful and blessed that my husband believes in me and supports my decision even though, I maybe serving him the same cocktail, and that crazy mess is served shaken.  But I am also grateful that I finally have a this opportunity to really live my dream as I know deep in my soul that I have intended to.

My wish and ask is that the universe doesn’t beat me and my husband too badly while going to the next chapter.  I understand life happens but please, please, please don’t let life act like a crazy bitch and key up my vehicles or leave me battered and broken….well at least not yet.  I need more endurance to handle that kind of beating.

But to be more simple I am grateful and I am happy.


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