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March 08

Long distance relationships are difficult especially when a loved one is on deployment, away from their wife and kids.  That’s why Miss K. came into the Boudoir Factory and got some shots to let her husband know she’s thinking of him and she loves him!!

You’re Sexy, Girl!!

22013 104 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 109 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 108 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 107 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 106 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 105 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.22013 110 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 111 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 112 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 114 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 115 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 116 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 117 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 118 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 119 //BOUDOIR// Miss K. 22013 120 //BOUDOIR// Miss K.


Make-up Artist – Allison Bower

Hair Stylist – Christina Postelwait


They’re heeeerrreeeee!  I have new album samples for viewing for your pre-consultation.  Albums make such a great gift for your loved ones if they want to keep secret pictures of you at their work desk, or they also make a perfect gift for the soldier in your life who’s away on duty.  I offer 3 album sizes: 5×5, 8×8, and 10×4, which all three come in your choice of Vegan and Leather covers.  You can pick out your favorite 20 images you want, and I place the order that day.  Albums arrive approximately between 2-3 weeks.  So, be sure to book your session so that there is plenty of time to order your album.

My current display is my 8×8 and 5×5 Vegan albums.

3113 101 //Album Samples// 3113 102 //Album Samples// 3113 103 //Album Samples// 3113 104 //Album Samples// 3113 106 //Album Samples//


If there is one thing I’ve learned to love, that’s falling in love with long, voluptuous, sexy and sometimes, drag queen eyelashes.  That courtship began when a dear friend of mine from Artistic Enhancements bound those fantastic things to my eyeballs.  Not only does having long lashes look great in photos, but people notice and you get great compliments for looking pretty.  And who doesn’t love getting compliments for looking pretty? What I love about having eyelash extensions is that it’s low maintenance beauty.  Sure, you have to keep up with them in that you will have to refill them once or twice a month, which is no different than keeping up with your manicure.  What I mean is, you don’ have to put on a lot of makeup, or even wear any at all, and it looks like you just rolled yourself right out of bed looking amazing.

ba ed 2013 //VENDOR LOVE// Artistic Enhancements

I have worked with Tara and Alexis at Artistic Enhancements over the years  and they are both skilled and talented ladies when it comes to eyelashes, airbrushing, and other aesthetics.  They will be displaying a booth at this year’s Women’s Expo at the Devos Place this month from the 8th-10th.  Be sure to come down and say hi!  And be sure to also Like them on Facebook. 

ba sr 2013 //VENDOR LOVE// Artistic Enhancements