November 14

Could these two girls be any cuter?!  I met Sienna and Ava at Grotto Park for some fall fun and they are way too cute for their own good.

When I shoot young toddlers and infants, I generally get this look from the child that pretty much tells me “What’s in your hand?  And why is it pointing at me?”  Then, there is something much more amusing laying on the ground, such as a leaf or ball or rock and suddenly the curiosity strikes and ….Oh!!  It’s in their mouth.  However this time it went a little like that except for the all the curiosity.  As a matter of fact, we were wondering where the curiosity went, which left me and Mom confused.  Turns out little Ava, the youngest of the two, ended up with an ear infection.  There just was no leaving her because she was trying to tell mom she wasn’t feeling good.  Instead, we thought a handful of animal crackers would help this very upset little girl to smile.

Luckily, by the look of the images you would never have guessed little Ava wasn’t feeling too well.  Big sister, Sienna, didn’t mind lookin’ all cute and silly for the camera.  I’m just glad that baby Ava is feeling better and aside from, what seemed like, her fussiness she still was able to pull through on some super adorableness.