I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way….It was 90+ degrees.  It’s been over a week and I still can’t get over the heat factor and now it’s been in the low 90’s since I’ve been home.  It seems as though the heat from Georgia has followed and its here to stay.  Alright, enough about the heat already!

Over a week ago, I went to Dahlogena, GA to photograph Melissa and John’s wedding at Blackstock Winery located on a massive hill-top overlooking a beautiful mountainous landscape.  What I love about weekend weddings is I had the opportunity to meet Melissa and John’s family and get to know everyone a little better.  Let me tell you, they really are a great group of people, especially, Melissa’s 5-year-old niece, Riley, who became my new BFF.  The weekend began at Melissa and John’s home with a little BBQ of about 30 close friends and relatives who all seem to be from out-of-town all the way from New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, and it goes on.  It was a great introductory of who everyone was and how they know John and Melissa, many of whom knew them from college and work.  The next day was an hour and a half trek north from Actworth into a quaint little town called Dahlogena.  Now for those of you have never been there, I would say it’s quite comparable to Mackinac Island but the town sits in a circle.  If you are not familiar with Mackinac Island, then the best way to describe Dahlogena is that’s a tiny little town with cute little shops and restaurants to pop in and out at.

There were so many special little things about John and Melissa’s wedding.  Melissa had put together (if not her, then close family members) almost every detail of the ceremony and reception.  During the ceremony, Melissa’s brother, Scott, became the “surprise” officiant, while his wife , Devan,  did a small reading.  This wedding was so intimate with so many personal details that encouraged more of the love they have for each other especially when family and friends were their to love with them.  And what I love about John and Melissa is not only watching the things they would do for each other (ex. Melissa bought John a “Fender” guitar as a wedding gift and John smiled for the camera) but they have such a great sense of humor and it was easy to laugh with them.  They also both had a sense of being adventurous.  They were willing to try different things.

Melissa and John, I had an amazing weekend with you guys and your families.  I loved coming to your home and going to Dahlogena.  It really was a beautiful town and I look forward in seeing you guys again!!  My most best of wishes to you both!!!