How would I begin this beautiful love story?  Maybe I’ll begin a month and a half ago, when I flew out to New York.  There was suppose to be a wedding, apparently.  A quaint little wedding for that matter, however the groom was in England.  The groom was supposed to have flown out 2 days before I arrived, but I guess you would say a natural disaster occurred.  A volcano erupted in Iceland and because of the eruption, volcanic ashes sifted the air, and because the ashes were sifting the air, flights were canceled.  They were canceled for almost a week, which in the chain of events, the wedding was canceled…for the time being.

Fast forward to May 31st, as I ‘m leaving Boston and an 1 hour and a 1/2  later, I’m back in New York.  For a brief moment I felt like I was in a scene from “Up In The Air” and then suddenly Jay-Z and Alicia Keys are belting out “Empire State of Mind” in my head…or maybe my iPod.  Either way, it felt good to be back and with certainty that a wedding will actually take place.  No volcanoes was going to stop this wedding this time.

The next day we’re in Manhattan at All Souls Church and the beautiful Heather was walking down the aisle and Theo waited patiently and handsomely for his bride’s arrival at the altar.  I think it’s obvious to say that Theo and Heather are an adventurous couple.  As a matter of fact, before I arrived in New York, Theo had taken Heather on a helicopter ride that over looked the city of Manhattan.  How cool is that?  I’m not going to lie that I’m slightly jealous.  What also makes them such an amazing couple is how down to earth and laid back they both are aside from their hectic and busy…very busy personal lives.

What I loved so much about their wedding was how small and intimate it was, especially since it was taking place in a high energetic city.  After our little champagne celebration, we went to the Hudson Hotel and hung out on the roof tops that had an amazing view of the city and the Hudson River.  I also loved that they got on top of a taxi cab in Times Square, and after a scenic walk on the Brooklyn Promenade, the night ended at a darling little Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.

I would like to say that it was  a wonderful time spent in New York with Heather, Theo, Tara, and Dario, and to  Heather and Theo especially, Congratulations!!!  You guys are so great and so awesome and I love you both!!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day as well as week and look forward to more evening spent outside with some wine and cheese.

P.S.  #51: Photograph a wedding in New York City can now be checked off the List.