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Last Friday afternoon was spent with my good friends, Sam and Jenn, at Sam’s house completing one of my things to do on my List and going out to lunch.  While we were together, I talked them into just letting me photograph them in the front yard.

These girls just make me laugh, smile, and pee my pants…all at the same time.  They, for the most part, were troopers about the idea and seem to have really gotten into it in a very non-serious way.  That’s what makes it so great because I make a point to not take everything too seriously, and I am one of those people who will laugh first and apologize later because that’s just how I naturally react to things.

To really sum it all up, Friday afternoon was filled with silliness and laughter, which is how afternoons spent with friends should be.

In the meantime, Sam’s cat, Hamilet, showed us how it’s really supposed to be done and when I got home, Cider left me a wonderful present.  Don’t worry.  It didn’t come in the gross, lumpy form.


I took my boys to the dog park for the first time and both of them could not be any happier.  It was such a wonderful day and spending the few hours watching my boys run around and play with other dogs was so entertaining, especially since Cider never likes to give anyone any privacy but he had the biggest smile of the day.

The List

May 14

So what was supposed to be one trip, turned out to be a slightly different one.  My girlfriend invited me to come out to New York a few weeks ago and I was so happy to oblige since it was her first time being in New York City.  I have been out there a few times and I am always so amazed by how vast the city is.

The last time I had been to New York was three years ago when my best friend, Carol, was residing in Brooklyn.  That too was a short stay, but there is nothing like a girlfriend getaway to spend some much needed QT.  I was so pumped about going again this last time that I had been singing the chorus to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ song over and over until I pulled up to my hotel which was literally a block away from Times Square.

What made this trip also special was being able to visit our high school friend, Tara, who also resides in Brooklyn.  She met up with us in Central Park and strolled through the city’s beautiful park in the middle of Manhattan.  She later brought us back to Brooklyn Heights where we walked the Promenade and got a beautiful evening glimpse of Manhattan from the other side.

Hopefully, Icelandic ashes won’t interfere with my next trip out there. icon wink New York, New York


Going back to my List of things to accomplish through out my lifetime, eating steel cut oats made my list.  I have heard of this food staple and always wanted to try it, so I was happy to have made my first bowl.  It took much longer to prepare compared to the wonderful instant oatmeal that you just pop in the microwave.  But I knew my colon would be thanking me later for the lengthy wait and the fantastic consumption of fiber that my insides so desperately needed.  Plus, as I waited for my oatmeal to stew, I made myself a healthy breakfast scramble in case the 30 minutes it took for the oats to cook tasted horrible.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect which is pretty common if you’ve never done something before.  To my surprise, steel cut oats really didn’t taste much different then instant oatmeal.  It was  a little hardier but nothing that a little bit of brown sugar couldn’t cure.  Really the only difference for me was the length of time it took to make it.  Steel cut oats certainly is not something I should be making when I’m on the go, but I know my insides were thanking me of treating myself so good that morning.

Thank you Hodgson Mill for your quality Steel Cut Oats.


About a month ago, I met with my photog friends for some lunch at my favorite, Electric Cheetah, where I enjoyed an amazing meal and of course some great laughs.  We later headed down to East Grand Rapids where we walked around, took pictures of random things including ourselves,  and enjoyed some ice cream in the sun.  Of course, ice cream only had us rolling with more laughs.  For anyone who doesn’t know Sam, she is hilarious.  There is something juvenile about her sense of humor that makes me fall in love with this girl and I think it would be safe to say that I speak for Jill and Jenn, who was with us that afternoon.

I love ice cream and I love my friends.


Well if you can’t tell by now, I am playing some massive catch-up.  Over a month ago, my good friends from Holland had put together a little photo scavenger hunt around downtown Grand Rapids.  It was really nice to see some old classmates of mine and do some catching up.  Anyhow, everyone was given a list of a subject and we needed to interpret it one way or the other.  It was a great opportunity to think outside the box and get creative with each idea.

Originally, I began in at John Ball Park, but moved my way towards downtown where my friends were wondering around. I didn’t get everything on my list but it was definitely a great way to get my mind to warm up to some creative ideas.

I had fun, Sunday Shoot Group!

By the way I added my little haikus as I had mentioned before.

May 12

Say Hello to my baby bear, Cider.

1 Just a little face to make you smile.