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March 23

The first  Saturday after my trip home from Vegas, I arrived at Watermark Country Club’s The Grill for a small and intimate wedding of Dave and Sonisa.  What was so great about this event was not only did they have about 40 of their closet friends and family but Sonisa’s darling little girls, Sylvia, Cecelia, and Olivia, were very much apart of the ceremony as both Sonisa, Dave, and their three girls took turns pouring sand in a lovely glass vase with all of their names etched on.  The ceremony was held inside the venue and was ordained with Amie Kenyon from  A Wedding Minister For You.  It was so lovely and so very sweet.

It’s not hard to figure out there is still a little rebel in Sonisa while she’s rockin’ a green gown and going barefoot and happy down the aisle.  She looked amazing and she looked so very happy.  What made this day so great and so perfect for Sonisa and Dave was not the chance of sitting with them at the “head” table (which is a wedding first for me), but the joy they really share for each other.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin, thank you for having me be the person to capture a very special day in your lives.  It truly was an honor.  It was also an honor to set next to you guys during dinner.  Your mugs were sweet!! :))  I hope you both had a fantastic time in Mexico and worked on those tans!  LOVE.


March 17

One of my favorite things at weddings is lots of laughter.  Because weddings are so full of joy, there should be plenty of that and Jessica and Dave’s wedding had a ton of laughter.  It just makes my day that much more fun.  As the ceremony was approaching, Dave privately waited for Jessica in the sanctuary of High Point Community Church where he got to see Jessica for the first time.  Let me say, I had to fight back the tears as I witness Dave’s eyes well-up when he first glanced at his beautiful bride-to-be.  I feel so honored to be a part of these private moments and capture them because the emotions are so raw and real and I get to be the fly on the wall…with a camera.  This is a place where the bride and groom are still anticipating the excitement and at the same time let go because they are sharing, what will be, their first day together as husband and wife…Their first day as husband and wife.

I love that Jessica chose purple for her wedding theme as purple is one of my favorite colors as well.  From the shoes to the ties, it was royal color of purple.  As a matter of fact, when I first met Jessica, she showed up with a purple purse with a point-and-shoot camera to match.  I think her shirt had purple on it too.  Ha ha.  So it’s no surprise that purple was going to make it’s appearance on her wedding day.  Designing Dreams did a wonderful job on the bouquets and decoration for the ceremony to tie in with the purple theme.

The reception was proceeded at the English Hills Terrace ballroom.  Dave and Jessica was welcomed by confetti which Sound Productions provided as well as some great music and many close friends and family attended.  But one of the highlights of the reception was Jessica’s dad’s speech.  I too am a daddy’s girl and to listen to Doug express his feeling for his daughter and welcoming Dave to the family makes me so grateful to be a part of and witness to the love this family has for each other.

Dave and Jessica, it was an honor and a blessing to be a part of your first day of your life together.  Thank you and congratulations!!!

March 13

Lately, I’ve been finding myself to make changes.  Changes to my mind.  Changes to my heart.  Changes to my soul.  I recently came back from a trip from Las Vegas that not only inspired me in improving my work as a business person and as an artist but also myself as a person.  Ironically, Las Vegas seems to be the least likely place to have this kind of reconnect with oneself, but that is just what happened.   I was there for a week with some of my good photography friends from Grand Rapids and I could not have spent a better week as I learn and grow in the business.  I am inspired by humble people.  People who make a point of not taking the relationships they make for granted.  People who love people and are grateful to have people in their lives.  My heart is warm right now.  My heart is open and I’m ready for every next step in my life.  I’m ready to walk.  I’m ready to run.  I’m ready to dance.  And I’m ready to sit and watch for others like myself to do the same, because, that kind of energy only feeds off of each other.  That’s how all of us can pay it forward.

In the past 10 years, I have learned to realize the kind of blessings I have had for myself despite my adversities.  The choices I’ve made through and after those adversities not only make me stronger but also proof that anyone is capable of being a better person.  I’ve learned that, hands down, I have the best friends that any girl could ever ask for.  I have a wonderful family who continues to open their home to me and treat me no different.  I have an education.  I have a roof over my head.  I have a job that not only keeps that same roof over my head, but pays my bills, and keeps food in my refrigerator.  I have a husband who loves me…who truly loves me…and I love him.  All of these things make me grateful, that deep down, I have unquestioningly (if that really is a word) a wonderful life.

Overtime, you will notice some changes.  Not just appearances but the way I express to you who I am.  Because I am cynical.  I have a sense of humor.  I have ideas. I’m loud.  I make mistakes…lots of them.  I learn from my mistakes.  I try.  If I say I’m going to do something, there is a 99.2% chance that I will, and if I do decide I’m going to do something, there is a 98.7% chance I’m going to finish it.  (I just wanted to throw out percentages because I wanted to sound all scientifical)….I’m going to finish the the things I start.  I get anxious.  I get scared.  I get lazy.  I get hungry.  I get tired.  I go to sleep.  Then, I start my day all over again and try to do better than the next day….and I hope you are still with me as I grow to be a better version of who I am.