Why Hello! If you've been to my website, then you have received the taste of what Emery & Co. Photography is about. You've seen my portfolio, viewed the price list and got to know a tad bit about who I am and why I'm here. But now, you're at my blog asking yourself, "So what's this about?"

Well, this is the place where new and exciting things take place. You get a chance to see the most recent projects I'm working on, my thoughts, and my feelings in hopes that whatever I'm doing inspires you to do something different, out of the ordinary, or just plain crazy. I read once a quote that said, "Do something that scares you once everyday." So I did. Now I'm paying it forward to you. Do something thrilling, wild, and completely spontaneous...then give yourself a high five because you're AWESOME and because you're one sexy B****!!

Dad Cannon

Tonight I wanted to write something kind of special that…

Grand Rapids Premier Boudoir Photography

“Oh yes, it’s ladies night and the feelings right. Oh…


Mothers have a magical touch.  Nothing is more powerful, healing…

DIY Facemasks

The winter blues are hopefully behind us with spring here….