About Emery & Co. Photography

Hey Beautiful Lady!

I'm Jesamin, the owner of Emery & Co. Photography, a beauty and boudoir photography studio located in Grand Rapids and serving West Michigan. If you're looking to surprise a special someone in your life, or do something for yourself that you thought you would never do, or have always wanted to do it but didn't feel like you had enough kahones, then you've come to the right place.

I provide a service that caters to women only, and particularly to women who want to try something different and walk away punching their fist in the air saying, "YEAH!!" I want you to leave my studio feeling awesome about yourself because you ARE beautiful, smart, amazing, and one sexy B****!!

So when you're done checking out all the details of what I do, give me a ring or fill out the contact page, and let's meet up so we can talk about your amazing session! I hope to meet you soon.

Xo, Jesamin

photo courtesy thrish hadley portrait